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Main Street Gourmet

(On Pricing and Response):
"We have done a couple of projects with Perfect Score. The equipment has been competitively priced, the service has always been excellent and our salesman, Phil Salem, has always been quick to respond with solutions."

Harvey Nelson, CEO

Fiera Foods & Bakery Deluxe

(On Follow Through): "In May of 2005 our Company started a project with The Perfect Score to custom design and built an angular entry gantry slicer to slice baked products in fluted trays without removing the product from the trays and interference of an automated production line. As many of these types of projects are, they sound simple but in fact they are not. Recognizing a challenge and opportunity in this project, The Perfect Score committed experienced resources to this project and made several on-site engineering visits to really understand the scope of the project and our requirements. It then used all available internal expertise to design and built this equipment. The equipment was delivered to us in September 2005 and installed by The Perfect Score's qualified employees with a "shoe horn" without any significant complications. The equipment performed very well from the first day it was installed and continues to perform in a very reliable manor. As with any "custom design and built" piece of equipment there are always a few items which are not perfect once it is installed. The Perfect Score has responded as quickly as it could to resolve these items and Ed and Phil and their group of employees are to be commended for that. I am sure that in the future we will have similar "custom built and design" projects to work on and we would not hesitate to contact Ed and Phil again to see if they are ready for another challenge. I am sure they will be."

Al Kramer,
Production & Engineering
Toronto, Ontario, Canada