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Oven Loaders & Unloaders Oven Unloader The Perfect Score offers single or dual lane pan oven loaders and unloaders for high production throughputs, available with both moving and fixed wing mechanisms. We also offer custom designs for Learn More
Indexing Conveyors Indexing Conveyor For conveyor lines that require indexing of pans, peels, or other at specific intervals, The Perfect Score offers high quality indexing conveyors. Standard units feature fixed guides, two finger Learn More
Horizontal & Vertical Switches Horizontal Slat Switch Conveyor The Perfect Score's Heavy Duty Horizontal and Vertical Switches are designed to be incorporated into a conveyor system or used as stand alone, depending upon your application(s). The Horizontal Learn More
Heel Drop Cutters Some product lines require the "Heel" or "Ends" of the product removed. The Perfect Score's solution... Our custom designed "Heel Drop" cutter. This automated cutter effectively removes the heels Learn More
Gantry Scoring Custom Gantry scoring machine A Gantry scoring system can be used for pan-less or peel-less systems, across the hearth applications, straight scores, perpendicular scores, angular scores, and score-behind-a-score applications as Learn More
Follow The Curve Follow The Curve Our automated Follow the Curve scoring system allows for profile scoring of a round or sphere-shaped loaf. Standard scoring could limit pattern options, cut extensions, and result in too deep of a Learn More
Elevator Systems Elevator System In most bakeries floor space is at a premium. Taking your pans or boards to another level or floor through use of an elevator is often a solution to expand a line or optimize automation or floor Learn More
Dual Head Scoring Unit Dual Head Scoring Unit The Dual Head scoring system offers the best of both worlds, along with great flexibility. It features a straight scoring head and an angular entry scoring head, allowing the customer many options Learn More
Dough Alignment Dough Aligner By hand or automated, proper and consistent product alignment on peel boards allows for a more consistent automated scoring process as well as keeps products from proofing together or snaking. The Learn More
Depositing/Dispensing Systems Cornmeal duster The Perfect Score® can provide you with a higly versatile automated dispensing system, regardless of what you are dispensing. Each machine and system is designed specifically to meet your Learn More