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Proofer Trays Custom Bakery Proofer Tray Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Proofer Trays by The Perfect Score. Our Proofer Trays are designed to match your Proofers' configuration; Single, Double, and Triple Tier are available, along with Learn More
Rack Loaders/Unloaders Rack Loader and Unloader Our rack loaders and unloaders can be used as stand alone components of your plant systems or in conjunction with our automatic or semiautomatic rack moving systems. These Learn More
Reciprocators Reciprocator Reciprocating Conveyor Bakery Roll Line Retractor The Perfect Score designs and manufactures reciprocating conveyors with a heavy-duty build that work in conjunction with any bakery roll line and can be built in any width you require. Our Learn More
Reciprocators and Metal Detectors Metal Detector with Retracting Conveyor The Perfect Score metal detecting systems integrate a high quality metal detector with either reciprocator or blow off rejection to ensure that your product is safe. We also offer check weighers as Learn More
Right Angle Transfers Right Angle Transfer Conveyor Space in any plant is at a premium, so when you need a fast way to change your board or pan orientation, and have little room to spare, The Perfect Score offers multiple Right Angle Transfer options Learn More
Robotic and Gantry Servo Scoring Systems Robotic Arm Scoring Product Directly on the Belt with Ultrasonic Blade The robotic scoring system is the answer to a variety of scoring issues with its ability to provide multiple scoring patterns. A product can be proofed either above or below the pan lip. Even when Learn More
Roll Around Scoring Unit Roll Around Scoring Unit The Perfect Score's Roll Around scoring machine provides the same specifications and benefits as Straddler scoring, but with its own conveyor and the option of portability with casters. This scoring Learn More
Semi-Automatic Retarder Our semiautomatic retarder system is a flexible solution that can be configured to fit your specific space requirements and other needs. When used with our automatic rack loaders and unloaders, a Learn More
Single and Dual Belt Curves Curve Conveyor Curve conveyors are essential in most plants, and The Perfect Score offers Curve Conveyors of multiple types, in plastic modular and metal belting styles, assuring that we can accommodate your Learn More
Slicing Equipment Custom hinge slicer   Slicing Equipment - not your ordinary bread slicer. Whether you require a unique or standard slice of your baked product, The Perfect Score's slicing equipment can achieve your goal. Now, vertical Learn More